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We Identify, Target & Prospect your niche customer through LinkedIn. VIRTUAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 01

Why Choose Our Service?

Virtual Business Development

Prospecting is the
Lifeblood of any Business

Prospecting customers on a regular basis is the lifeblood of any business. Linkedin allows you to maximise your lead generation reach to 167 million business owners and C-level executives worldwide.

You Linkedin profile allows you to connect with your target market and start engaging conversations with them. On average 3 to 10 qualified calls are booked monthly with this service.

How It Works?


Target Niche Customer On LinkedIn

Regularly Reach Out & Follow Up

Set Up Prospecting Calls


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    Our Pricing?

    View of Live Reporting Dashboard for our clients

    • Entry Plan
    • 750
      Per Month
      • Identify Target Niche on LinkedIn
      • Prospect Your Target Niche
      • Follow Up With Your Target Niche
      • Set Up Call With Your Target Niche
      • Build / Manage a Sales CRM
      • Send Bi-Weekly Reports