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Tips For Choosing the Best Web Design Company For Better ROI

Tips For Choosing the Best Web Design Company For Better ROI 

Like any investment decision, your website ROI is based on how much it costs to develop and the results. Below we’re going to take a look at both.


The price of a website varies greatly. Costs can range from free online DIY websites to millions of euro for high-end digital agencies. For the average company, a site may start as low as €1,000 for a basic freelancer right up to €50,000 for a state of the art site design from a well established and experienced company.

In most cases, the price is correlated to the amount of time it takes to deliver the website from start to finish. There can be additional costs that relate to the purchasing of software, designs etc. but these will be direct costs to the client.


Another area that takes time when designed a website is the development of the content. This includes both text and images. This can be handled by the web design agency for an additional fee or taking on the company in house.

Here are the major cost factors:

  • Project Management and Point of Contact: Who will be involved in the project and giving feedback? Who will be the point of contact?
  • Design: Do you have an established brand? Are you using a theme / template or creating the design from scratch?
  • Programming: Are you building additional functionality? Can you use plugins for this or do you need to build custom?
  • Team: How many specialists are needed? What is their skill and experience level like? 
  • Content: How big is the website? Are you using the content from the old site or are you creating it from scratch? Is there photography and video required?
  • CMS Platform: What CMS are you going to use? If it is WordPress does someone within your team have experience with it or will you require Website support?


Results from the development of a new website can vary. The results can be negative if the site doesn’t produce any results, so you have made a loss on your site. Website ROI can be very positive when using the right company. It can be from direct revenue from ecommerce or the value of the leads generated

Many factors affect the variation in return on investment. Here are the five main factors in website ROI:

  1. The Cost of Developing and Designing the Website
    As discussed above, costs can vary widely. The costs are a baseline for figuring out ROI for your website.
  2. Costs of On-Going of Maintenance of your Website
    After your launch, costs related to the site such as hosting are probably not too expensive. But there are costs like social media marketing, SEO and PPC that need to be accounted for.ROI Tip: Build a site that will be easy to update. It should never take a designer or programmer to update content.
  3. The Traffic
    The number of people who visit your website is a good metric for measuring success. If your website ranks high for keywords related to your services or products then the amount of interested users landing on your website will increase. Ultimately, it’s the marketing activity, not web design, that has the biggest impact on traffic.
    ROI Tip: Build a site that is search engine friendly and consider the cost of marketing that is actually needed to generate traffic.
  4. The Conversion Rate
    The percentage of users on your website that take action, fill in their details or make an ecommerce purchase determines the bottom lines results. Unlike traffic, it’s the web design, not marketing activity, that has an impact on conversions. But together, traffic times the conversion rate equals results.
    ROI Tip: Design your site for your customer. For examples, develop a site that is mobile and tablet friendly. Build it to turn your site users into customers. Use compelling design, frictionless interactions and informative content.
  5. The Website Lifespan
    Sometimes when car buyers buy cars they think about  the lifespan of their car, website buyers do not. This has a huge impact of their ROI. A great site will produce results for five years or more. A bad site will need to be redesigned within two years or less.

Really want to figure out the ROI on your site? Use this formula below.

(SR) CTR = V
V X CR = L
(L X CL)(P – DC) = $

Penny Wise…

A website is not a place to save money. The difference between a €20k and a €30k price tag might seem high, but a well built site will produce a much higher ROI with better results than a bad / cheap site, which over time will result into hundreds of thousands of euro for your business over time.

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