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Web Projects

Terms and Conditions

  1. All websites are built to operate on the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.
  2. If changes / edits are not sent to Portview Digital in Phase 1 + 2 by the client, a Phase 3 budget will be required.
  3. Payment terms: 50% in advance, 30% Stage Payment and 20% on completion.
  4. Completion in our terms is when the website is going live on a public server.
  5. This quotation is valid for 30 days.
  6. This quotation is exclusive of VAT @23%. 
  7. Testing and Acceptance is given a window of 2 weeks, after that charges may occur if overrun goes outside this timeline.
  8. Website text must be provided by the client in the form of Email, Doc or Spreadsheet.
  9. There may be additional plugin charges for the client that are outside the initial estimate.
  10. Using a custom font that is not part of the Theme Font will incur additional costs.
  11. All text content must be sent in a readable digital file before we start the build.
  12. Photography and Stock Images need to be purchased by client (if required).
  13. Cancelled / Abandoned projects incur 80% of project total value.
  14. All design assets belong to project are owned by Portview Digital until final payment has been made. 
  15. Online Marketing maybe needed on a monthly basis to promote & advertise the website 
  16. Projects that go outside estimated timelines final payment can be sought before go live if delay is at the client side. 
  17. If we limit this that if the website is not live within a year, we will request full payment. If the delay is at client side.
  18. Portview Digital does not allow access to clients to the website. If you require additional design or development we have Monthly Support packages that you can choose from.
  19. Client is responsible for all project expenses (Theme, Plugins etc.).
  20. Our team will do it’s best to customise the theme but there’s a comes a point where we cannot keep customising it as the project has evolved into a customised site.
  21. Our estimation of timeline is only an example reference point that similar projects of similar nature have been completed. If this goes outside this timeline, it’s not the responsibility of Portview Digital. 
  22. Changes to signed off design pages after programming will incur additional costs. 
  23. Testing and Acceptance must be fully done by the client. Portview Digital will test the website fully but it still needs to be fully done by client to ensure there are no errors on go live. 
  24. An estimated amount of hours are proposed to the client before the project starts. If the project uses the hours quoted the project will go into ‘over time’ this will be discussed with the client but additional hours will be required to finish the project.
  25. Additional website pages are charged at €195 / page
  26. All project communication is through email (business hours Monday – Friday / 9am – 5:30pm) 
  27. 1 point of contact for all projects
  28. Extra work will be quoted for on request and approval given before we go ahead. So you can control costs.
  29. Additional plugin costs are billed directly to the client.
  30. All Monthly Support Tickets are registered through our project management software Monday PM. All tickets for queries, hosting and bug fixes must be sent to support@portviewdigital.ie or through or ‘Request Support’ form on our Website. That way all of your support questions are tracked and ensures quality of service. 
  31. Billing is done on a 15min increment for any website work.
  32. If over 30 days late of date of invoice or payment plan we levy a 12% interest APR.
  33. Don’t pay at all and we withdraw the work carried out.
  34. No refunds.
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