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Beginners Guide to Digital Marketing 2022 Blog Post

Download the full Pdf Guide here – Download Here


Portview’s ‘Beginners Guide to Digital Marketing 2022’

A beginners guide to Digital Marketing 2022 for Small Business Owners, Directors, Administrative Staff and Marketers.

Introduction To Digital Marketing

The terms Digital Marketing or Online Marketing are related to the promotion of services or products using digital channels to reach potential customers. There are many different forms of Digital Marketing but the most common today are SEO, PPC, Social Media, Website, Email Marketing etc. Since the 1990s and the adoption of technology, digital marketing has become integrated into most businesses’ overall marketing strategy. 

Digital Marketing involves many of the same principles of traditional marketing. Many companies use these channels to promote their business to new customers all over the world. Companies often combine traditional and digital marketing techniques in their strategies.


The Digital Marketing Mix

As you develop your paid, earned and owned marketing into a balanced overall digital strategy you will begin to see an increase in website visits, leads, product sales and overall enquiries for your business.

Earned Marketing

Awareness and recognition you get for free through links to your social media, website, mentions and customer reviews. A good earned marketing campaign will help you strengthen your brand authority online.

Owned Marketing

Owned Marketing is the content that you create and control and the success can be defined with how much input you put into this channel. Blogs, website, social media, and videos fall into this category.

Download the full Pdf Guide here – Download Here

Paid Marketing

Paid Marketing’s focus is used to deliver leads, visits and / or awareness to your digital profiles using a form of paid advertising on different channels. This can include search ads, social media promotions, and display ads. 




Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or ‘SEO’ for short is the practice of increasing organic traffic to your website by improving the rank of its website pages on a search engine. The main goal of SEO is to allow your business pages to be seen by more potential customers which hopefully will result in more leads and revenue.

At a very basic level and in order to have an effective SEO campaign, web pages must be optimised for relevant keywords that match that of what the user is searching on Google or Bing.

Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing uses content that is published on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to direct traffic to your website and create awareness for your brand online. Businesses mostly post their own content that is in line with their services or products to their own social media profiles. Sometimes they use influencers who have larger followings and trust with their own followers to send traffic to a company’s website or social media profiles.

In order to be successful with social media, companies must have a good understanding of their audience and what type of content appeals to them so they can increase engagement and create awareness about their brand. 

Download the full Pdf Guide here – Download Here

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a very powerful form of digital marketing. According to some reports it can give you a x3 ROI in comparison to traditional marketing. Content Marketing focuses on creating really high quality content and distributing them across your online channels. 

Pieces of content like White Pages, eBooks, Videos and Audio can really drive traffic and resonate with your audience. 


Web Analytics

Download the full Pdf Guide here – Download Here

Web Analytics

Web Analytics main focus is to track and analyse how potential customers navigate your website and online channels. It tracks and displays data so that you can improve site performance and implement better marketing campaigns. 

With the amount of data that is available to digital marketers and small business owners, it is no surprise how companies can use digital marketing to propel their business online. 


Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click or PPC is a form of digital or online advertising where revenue is received through sponsored click through advertisements. A website can display an advertisement but will only be paid if a user clicks on the ad, in return advertisers will only pay when users click on the ad.

PPC is used on social media platforms, search engines and websites. In order to be successful, small businesses and marketers must understand the advertising standards for each platform.

PPC specialists must also align their marketing efforts with the shift of consumer behaviour and spending online. They do this by analysing previous reports.

Download the full Pdf Guide here – Download Here

That’s it for now. We hoped this article helped improve your digital marketing insights. 

Try some of the suggestions above and see if it helps.




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