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9 Tips For Choosing A Web Design Company in Ireland

Web Marketing Ireland

Launching a new website can be a struggle for many marketing managers and business owners. There are many important things about choosing a web design company in ireland. In the best blog we are going to list 10 tips for choosing a web design company.

There are many web design companies in Ireland to choose from. Trying to figure which one to work with and is the right choice for your business can be a daunting task.

Choosing the right company can often really help kick start your digital presence and help you compete against your direct competitors.

These days, your website is the front door of your business and for many prospective customers it will be the first impression of your business. A dated site can give the impression of a dated business. In some cases your website can be the driving force behind whether a company does business with you or your competitor.

You need to work with a web design company that will partner with you to deliver an eye catching, modern and professional website. The 2nd stage of the partnership should be asking the question ‘how do we drive your target market to the website?’. This is done in many ways which I will get into in a future blog.


1) They Listen To What You Want

You’re a business owner, you know your industry and have many years of experience. So in essence you know what you’re selling and no one knows your business better than you do. If a web design company doesn’t want to listen to what you want or any of your ideas and constantly pitch their own ideas then perhaps its time to look for another company to work with. You web design needs to be able to partner with to get your ideas on ‘paper’, improve upon them and add their skill and experience where fit.

2) They Have Their Own Ideas

It is very important for web design companies to listen to you, but it is also very important for them to come up with their own ideas and perhaps challenge you when perhaps you are headed in the wrong direction.

We know you know your business but your website needs to be designed by a company who knows design. 

If the web design company you are working with says ‘yes’ and nods their heads a lot they aren’t worth money. They must be able to add value, direct your ideas and use what they have in front of them to deliver the best site possible that represents the business in the best way possible. 

Web Marketing Ireland

3) They Are Experienced 

When website are used correct they are used to help grow your business. It sounds strange to us but some clients just want the website ‘sit out there’ and someone comes to it ‘great’. 

A web design company that doesn’t provide marketing services is like a Ferrari without an engine. Yes, your site looks great but it’s getting no visitors. You need your website to perform and more importantly perform ahead of your competitors. When a company has a web team and marketing services that can be used to rocket your website post launch you know you have the right company.

4) They Want To Install A CMS 

Attention, Attention – if a company doesn’t want to install a CMS in the backend of the site it means they are stuck in the stone age. You need a CMS for your website. Here at Portview we use WordPress, the world’s best, most used and most trusted CMS.

If your designer recommends a static HTML CMS you need to get a time machine and return to the last decade. Also if they use Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly, politely thank them for the coffee and quickly leave their office. Although this software has its place in the marketplace for people who have lots of time on their hands it does not perform at a high level.

5) They Use Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is so so so so so important. Did I mention that Responsive Web Design is important?!? Well it is and it should come as part of any web design proposal. 

There are many cases for having a separate mobile website but responsive web design is generally the preferred option. 

Mobile usage for websites is increasing year on year so it is vital that your website responds to multiple screen sizes. Have you ever been on a website and half the page is fitting correctly to the screen?! Don’t be that website!

If a web design company suggests a mobile site separately then they aren’t well-versed in responsive design and probably aren’t giving you the best advice for your new website.

Also if Google sees that you don’t have a site that works on multiple devices they won’t rank you as high and others or even your competitors.

6) They Have Lots of Case Studies

How do you know if a web design company will be any good? Case studies or a portfolio is a good place to start.

Ask the web design company can they provide you with this before you start communicating with them. Even better, they might have it on their website.

If they don’t have the website address available online, I would try and get the live domains so you can look at the websites live. Don’t trust screenshots or mockups. 

Spend a little bit of time to look through the examples and judge their work. If you get a good feeling looking at their sites then what they design for you might work also.

Web Marketing Ireland

7) They Have Track Record & Aren’t Going Anywhere

The web is extremely fast moving. You need a company that moves with these changes. You focus on your business and your web design company focuses on your website.

The amount of times we hear of companies who go out of business or don’t know what they are doing and the company has reached out to ‘salvage’ the project. It is too risky to work with a web design company that won’t be around in a year.

Every year new companies emerge and every year companies shut their door. Work with a company that has been around for a while and one that plans to be around a good while longer.

You need to work with a web design company that uses leading-edge technology.  If they aren’t adapting and staying in front of leading-edge technology, like using HTML sites or discouraging the use of a CMS, it may be an early sign that they are in danger.

8) Their First Question Should Be – ‘Talk Me Through Your Sales Cycle’

Yes, making a ‘pretty website’ is very important but what is the most important thing about a website is making conversions on it. When users on a website they need to either submit a contact form, phone your company, download an ebook or email directly. 

The use of design layout, information architecture, usage patterns, calls to action and even color psychology are very important. Work with companies who ask the best questions about your sales cycle, how you nurture leads, what information does a prospective need to see on the website.

If your web design company spends their time talking about ‘pretty icons’ and ‘pretty colours’ well erm….I would….ye I wouldn’t be spending anymore money in that case.

9) They Have Experience In Multiple Industries

Work with companies that have a multitude of industries under their belt. If a company works let’s say with dentists only, I have a funny feeling that your design will look the exact same as most other dentists in your locality. 

A web design company that works with a wide range of industries is more likely to design you a unique website that will reach a bigger and more diverse audience. Your website can’t be like all the others. It has to stand above the competition, in order to surpass them.

Finding The Right Web Design Company Isn’t Easy, But It Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Findin the right web design company in Ireland isn’t the the easiest job you have as a business owner. 

If you’re just starting out in this process our best advice is starting asking around. Ask about their experience, get them to show you their case studies.

Do a search on Google ‘web marketing agency in Ireland’ and see what comes up. Some people prefer to use local companies and this is the best way to start.

Keep a look out for reviews on Google. If you see someone you know has left a Google Review, send them a quick email and ask them about their experience.

If you like what you see initially arrange a meeting with them to see if you click. A good web design company doesn’t fear competition. In fact, the best companies are confident in their ability to.

The sign of a really good web design company is if they are ok if they are not the right fit for the job and will openly admit it. They may even recommend a better fit. 

Once you have found the company that you feel comfortable with then the project awaits.

Once you find the right web design company that you can trust to achieve your goals, your job becomes much easier and you can focus on what you do best.

If we can help in any way pls let us know by contacting us directly.

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